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Delivering value from ITIL v3 requires the use of joined up IT service tools



Improved application service design process


Updated: Aug 27, 2016


Time accounting for projects


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Using ServiceNow for ESS


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Experience with ITSM Tools

IT Service Workflow

The Service Desk tool is now the workflow tool for delivering managed service. CSI4Business  have worked with Remedy, HP Service Manager, Infra, Altiris, Footprints and ServiceNow.

Service Asset and Configuration

Asset and Configuration should be using combined data, because the information is about the same items. Items Discovery may be provided by more than one tool, with the use of discovered information being dependant on the process being served. We have used Remedy, HP, Infra, Altiris, MS SMS,Footprints and ServiceNow. 

Knowledge Management

For controlled documentation used within the ITIL processes, some workflow tools have bolt-on modules which connect document update with change management workflow. Worked with MS Sharepoint, HP Service Manager, Lotus Notes, Altiris, Objective and ServiceNow. 

Event Monitoring

Event monitoring is evolving to greater automation rather than just being prompts for human attention. These same tools often collect data for the purpose of assisting capacity understanding. Our experience is with HP Openview, Tivoli Director, Ipanema with Salsa, Cisco Works and MS MOM with IE add-ons, Nagios. Also use of network reporting and analysis tools.

Self Service

The on line shopping for Users IT needs is usually web based and makes use of Service Workflow. We have product experience with tools from HP, Infra, VMware, Remedy, Altiris,  Footprints and ServiceNow.

Remote User Screen Takeover

This is a free utility with MS Desktop but with more feature rich alternatives in Bomgar, Webex, Easy Assist. 

Performance Reporting

Some of this is often packaged with the Service Workflow tool. For the full expanse of reporting the data is collected from several sources and unified using tools developed in Crystal Reporting, Observant or just built from MS SQL with Excel output.

Hardware Automated Build

The automation of building is essential for standardisation, control and efficiency when releasing changes. We have worked with MS SMS and Tivoli Software Build.

Network Quality for Applications

Measuring and controlling availability in terms useful to the user. Experienced with Vantage, Candle and Ipanema with Salsa.  

Contact for Major and Disaster Events

Well organised use of MS Outlook and Exchange can be quite useful, but even more features are available with products like Alertfind.

Distribution to Field Engineers

Best results are usually obtained when engineers are provided with a mobile interface into the Service Workflow tool, experience with ServiceNow.

Service Desk Incoming Call Control

Using IP converged systems from Cisco, ARC and Avaya




Climb up the ITIL process capability levels for improving value
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