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Flexible Working Environment

demoWorker mobility and office space reduction. 

Updated: April 27, 2014


IT improvements paid for by office space saving


Updated: Jul 1, 2014


Hosted Services

demoWe have recent experience with hosted desktop and contact centre.  

Updated: August 4, 2013

Process Gap Discovery

When process efficiency is in doubt:

Checking even a single end to end process can be useful when considering an improvement opportunity, please click for the example Weak points in Employee Self Service.

Use is made of the existing process documentation and measurement reporting to consider the data being used and how it is modified by the process. The operating of the process is considered from each role and for every step. Data quality tests are made where duplicate sets are used. All process inputs, activities and outputs are considered, including measurement of process and associated delivery performance.    

We document the process as a sub section to the IT Process Manual, and use this as part of the completion report. The report describes any considered gaps and suggests how these can be filled. Documented sub process examples can be found at  Gallery Album 2.

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