Automation Improvement Available

Examples of what can be overcome



Flexible Working Environment

demoWorker mobility and office space reduction. 

Updated: April 27, 2014


IT improvements paid for by office space saving


Updated: Jul 1, 2014


Securing business data

demoRole level access control to applications and data.  

Updated: November 5, 2014

Automation Capability to Improve

Common weaknesses with IT Support Tooling

Weak points are often found with support tooling used by IT in supporting users. The resulting loss of efficiency and user frustration are not always fully understood.

Common Weak points

(The sequence does not indicate the order of value).

  • Users unable to use own devices - iPad, IPhone or Android
  • Double keying between systems plus manual coordination
  • Starters Movers and Leavers is not automated 
  • Automated fix of routinely failing known error is not available 
  • Duplication and inconsistency with data for people, places and assets
  • Asset configuration information does not support all required processes
  • Measurement and reporting for full ITIL Lifecycle fragmented
  • Self service screen is limited to managers, service desk or local support
  • Permission rules and progress are not built into the workflow
  • System does not communicate job sheets to mobile delivery / engineering
  • Major incidents not communicated via employee self service screen
  • Self help via reading or download is not well presented to users
  • Ownership, cost and capacity management are subject to doubt
  • Multi Language assistance is an ignored opportunity
  • Improvement is seen as requiring large capital expenditure

Indicators of weakness

Poor process usually results in ad hoc delivery of services without consistency. Additional manual process is often necessary to improve the end user experience. Effective processes achieve both appreciation and cost efficiency. 


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