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Improved application service design process


Updated: Aug 27, 2016


Time accounting for projects



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Using ServiceNow for ESS


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About Us

Our Strategy:

Our experience in large organisations has highlighted the opportunity for improving both IT service delivery and aligned office services. The scenarios of proving what employees need to do work is a combination of HR, Facilities, Training and IT, which can all be opertated around a common system. Improvement will make use of a Continual Service Improvement programme, and the ITIL capability levels to achieve a better value services.   We are ITIL Expert qualified.

Our Experience:

The service offerings are all directly drawn from the experience of the team. Each piece of delivered work provides us with portfolio potential. The process solutions are enabled by the  tool features listed in web page Tools, with ServiceNow being a popular contribution. 

The services we offer are the product of our combined experience, from sectors financial, government, education, telco, retail and distribution, health and policing.

The experience includes:

  • Service Operating Model design and transformation

  • Discovery, Due Diligence and gap/improvement reporting

  • Global Service Delivery Management

  • Product and tooling selection and procurement

  • Training needs analysis, design and delivery

  • Supplier selection and management

  • Establishing outsourcing and insourcing of services

  • Transition Management including offshore

  • Large scale desktop implementations and software upgrades

  • Contact Centre Design and Implementation

  • Network IP convergence voice video and data

  • Detailing measurement and tooling configuration

  • Process documentation standardisation and control

  • Service catalogue design and implementation 

  • Employee self service for HR, Facilities and Training

  • ServiceNow deployment and development

Where we are going:

The future will be more self service and further automation of back end activities. Process capability will be key to achieving advantages made possible by technology.




Climb up the ITIL process capability levels for improving value
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