Improve your Office Services

  • Well practiced at Outsourcing improvement

  • Flexible Working Environment for cost saving

  • Employee Self Service for staff appreciation

  • System for better Work Task management

Self Service:

demoEmployee self service for everything from HR, Estates, Training and IT, offering great cost benefit when connected to delivery workflow. Control and visibility of   progress without adding delay. 

click Employee Self Service

Service Process Capability:

demoGood levels of process capability are required to achieve a good service capability, be it in Self Service or the many other processes across the ITIL Lifecycles or similar for office services. click Process Discovery on a single process.


demoThe art of reducing human effort by using technology is often an outstanding opportunity when delivering office services. Like most automation this works best when replacing repetitive steps. The effect on delivery speed will also be appreciated. click Available Improvements



Improved application service design process


Updated: Aug 27, 2016


Time accounting for projects


Updated: Nov 2, 2016


Using ServiceNow for ESS


Updated: Jan 5, 2017


We deliver business improvement by adding value in the way IT and office services are provided. Our belief is that uncontrolled or disconnected activity will always produce poor value.

CSI4Business make improvements across all 5 process lifecycles included with ITIL v3, having a  Service Catalogue at its centre, and extending these systems and processes to deliver other office services with user satisfaction at a reducing cost. 

Our catalogue of services grows with experience, and we have packaged some improvements to enable ease of pricing and ordering.  

Our Services 

We have undertaken service improvement work in large organisations and many of these as part of an outsourced managed service. 

CSI4Business offers a comprehensive range of services and resources to provide an end to end  improvement package and where necessary the teams to implement the programme and also train staff.   For more about the team please click About Us .

The sectors include Telecommunications, Retail, Financial, Transport, Utilities, Education, Central and Local Government. The contributions have been Global.  

Service Catalogue

CSI4Business will design a catalogue of IT services with views bespoke to the role. The design includes a pool of service measures utilised across the service offerings. Our recommended  solution  encourages automation.

Sample screen can be seen at Gallery Album 1.

IT Process Manual

Our process manual has evolved to being a combination of flows, policies, triggers and defined measures, related to detail held within systems. The Work Instruction and its update and review are built into the system.

 A Sample IT Process Manual Introduction is available via Contact Page.

Continual Service Improvement Programme

The improvement programme will be justification based in terms of business benefit, with measurable parameters demonstrating baseline and achievement. Also the programme needs to be regularly reviewed and challenged for delivering quality at the required pace.

We prefer to adopt reporting from the service system for managing the ongoing cycle of continual improvement.


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